Most of the time, yarn is both received “pre-dyed (ingrain) form or “raw” (natural) and stored while waiting for knitting.


Knitting is the first process by which socks are made. Synthetic fibers and yarns are extremely sensitive to humidity and temperature: these conditions must be carefully controlled.

Then, socks are knit on a cylindrical knitting machine. The number of needles around the cylinder determines the needle count of the sock. The fewer the number, the thicker and bulkier the sock will be. On the other hand, a greater number of needles will result in a finer sock.

When they come out of the knitting machine, socks are said to be “in the greige” (pronounced gray). When in greige form, the sock has an open toe, but looks much like a completed sock

Dyeing / Washing

When the sock is right side out, the next step for it is to be “batched” for washing and dyeing. However, if the sock is to be white and is made of cotton, it is bleached. But, if the sock is to be coloured, it is then dyed unless it has been knit with a pre-dyed (or “ingrain”) yarn.

Toe Closure

The next step of manufacturing is toe closure, where the sock’s toe is sewed shut. There are various ways to sew the toe; the two most common are:

1) “Rosso” toe closure machines are the closest to hand-linked toe.

2) Hand-linked toe leaves the flattest seam and remains the most comfortable toe closure.


After the toe has been closed, socks are turned “right side-out”.

Boarding / Pressing

The next step of manufacturing is “boarding”. In this operation, the sock is stretched either dry or moist over flat metal forms conforming to the wanted sock shape and size. Afterwards, the sock is pressed between two heated surfaces. This last step gives the sock its shape and its smooth look.


Packaged socks are packed in either poly bags or boxes, most of the time by the half dozen and are stored, ready for shipping.

Finishing / Packaging

Then, the sock is ready to either receive decoration, such as heat transfers, trim or embroidery if needed. Otherwise, it is sent directly to the packaging department for labelling


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