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Questions and answers from our clients

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: I am hoping you can help me.

Customer service: Go on!

Visitor: I am looking for a vendor who can create low cut customized socks for me

Customer service: We can do that! If you fill in the request for a formal quote

Visitor: I am specifically looking to have them be created in packs of 3 where there is one design used on all 3 socks but different colorways.

Visitor: is this something that you would be able to create?

Customer service: The packaging i'm not sure, the socks yes

Visitor: a key question, are the socks made in the US?

Customer service: yes in Colorado

Customer service: high quality socks

Visitor: you are speaking my language!

Visitor: I've been searching for a while trying to find a vendor in the US who could make this dream a reality.

Customer service: Superb, send us a quote request, we’ll respond quickly

Visitor: would you be able to provide me with a quick estimate or would it be best for me to fill out the request form?

Customer service: Yes, the request form

Visitor: excellent. filling one out now.

Visitor: I don't have artwork made up quite yet, should I just provide links to similar products to get a general quote?

Customer service: the price is based on the height of the sock and the number of pair not on the design of the socks.

Visitor: very much appreciated.

Customer service: You are welcome, have a great day!

Visitor: a few more questions, if you've got a sec

Customer service: Oh, sure go on

Visitor: in this quote, can you provide me an estimate for multiple quantities? Ideally I'd like to do a smaller order to start, perhaps 500-1000, then move my way up as this progresses.

Customer service: sure we can!

Visitor: it would be great to know what say... 250, 500 and 1000 would cost

Visitor: excellent

Customer service: we'll do just that

Visitor: does your company have the ability to do patches? I will dig up a link right now... but I found a brand that uses a small patch on each of their pairs of socks, it’s genius

Customer service: We knit the whole sock, color, pattern, logo, slogan

Customer service: it’s all knitted in the socks but we don't do patches yet!

Visitor: I've been doing a lot of research on what is available and it seems most US brands prefer printing the logo. I don't particularly like this as the logo tends to fade after being washed over time. the stitched in logo is a refined, higher quality feel that I love.

Customer service: We don't do printing, we feel that knitting the socks creates a more high quality sock and it’s more comfortable as well

Visitor: excellent.

Visitor: I am going to provide a few extra links in this message. the brands that I am most interested in making a product similar to are all based out of Japan. it would be great to be able to make a very similar product.

Customer service: Alright, the more detail you give us the more accurate the quote can be :)

Visitor: excellent.

Visitor: does your company offer anything in regards to packaging multiple pairs? ie- an adhesive wrap that will contain the 3 pairs of socks and have logo / information printed upon it?

Customer service: With sufficient quantity we could do something

Visitor: we will cross that bridge when we get there, then.

Customer service: Perfect

Visitor: I love this live chat, btw. this is incredibly helpful.


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