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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Dublin, Ohio, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: what is the minimum order and how does your socks compare to gwear?

Customer service: our minimums are 120 pair for low to mid calf and 60 pair for knee high socks.

Customer service: gwear?

Visitor: gwear does the same thing, main thing is quality. I am a booster club member and we were looking to do this for our softball team and maybe a fundraiser also

Customer service: We use coolmax and lycra fabric with a knit design

Customer service: very high quality sock

Customer service: designed for athletes

Visitor: does it compare to nike socks?

Customer service: better than Nike’s

Customer service: they use cotton

Customer service: we can do a coolmax sock or a bamboo 1/2 cushion sock

Customer service: most schools go with coolmax as the cost is lower and they are great socks

Visitor: how do I get a mock up done?

Customer service: how many pair did you need?

Visitor: what is coolmax? We were looking at getting softball socks for the softball team and then getting the crew still socks to sell to students

Customer service: you can get information regarding our fabrics here

Visitor: I’ll check it out, thanks

Visitor: do you have socks that are long enough for softball, baseball, football?

Customer service: we do knee high socks

Customer service: is that what you would like

Customer service: for knee high socks the minimum is 60 pair

Visitor: could you send me a sample?

Customer service: yes, send us a sample request, you can find the form here

Visitor: perfect, thanks

Customer service: do you want high knee or nike elite style?

Customer service: or both?

Visitor: both, do we have to order 120 of each or can we do say 80 and 40?

Customer service: 120 pair of each

Customer service: 60 pair if they are knee high

Visitor: perfect

Visitor: what is the cost and what do you recommend to resell to the students for?

Customer service: 7 inch mid calf elite style sell like crazy!!!!

Customer service: their price is $6.99 per pair

Customer service: we do free mock ups

Customer service: so the schools get the mocks out to the students and get tons of pre sales

Customer service: so you sell most of your socks before you even get them

Visitor: I think they will sell great too but our boosters are not the smartest when it comes to buying smart products. they purchased blankets and still have a bunch after 5 years. I told them sock with kids would move a lot quicker than blankets

Customer service: i'm a high school wrestling coach

Customer service: and we use them as a fundraiser

Customer service: you can send us your artwork with the mock up request that you can find here:

Customer service: you can include your artwork,logo, slogan, website, etc.

Visitor: I’ll do that, thanks for your help

Customer service: my pleasure, you have a great day


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