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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Stuart, Iowa, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: Do you pay for the socks before the mock ups or when the mock ups are complete?

Customer service: hello

Customer service: after the mock ups

Customer service: to go to the sample stage its 75 dollars

Customer service: that is a deposit

Customer service: mock ups are free

Customer service: sample stage is $75 deposit

Customer service: 3rd stage mass production

Visitor: how long does it take to get the socks to the sample stage?

Customer service: 4-5 weeks

Customer service: from mockups to delivery

Customer service: 48 hrs to get your mockups

Visitor: ok

Visitor: I have one more question

Customer service: sure

Visitor: When I send my designs in and you create a sample, will there be a portfolio where you can store the sample just in case I decide to order more later on.

Customer service: yes

Visitor: Thanks, the reason I asked is because tomorrow I will be sending in my sock template to be created but I will be expecting only one pair of socks to show to my business attorney and the SBA for business purposes.

Customer service: ok, sure

Visitor: Afterwards we go into mass production

Visitor: thanks

Visitor: You will be hearing from me tomorrow then buddy.

Visitor: have a nice day

Customer service: thanks

Customer service: we will take care of it


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