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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Bristol, Virginia, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: i have a question about your deposit

Customer service: sure

Visitor: if we don't like the design and decide to withdraw from the opportunity,  do we get our $75 back

Customer service: no you don’t get it backing here, I have never had a complaint

Visitor: ok, and what kind of payments plans do you have ?

Customer service: you pay the 75 deposit nas we’ll sample your mock up

Customer service: you’ll make the final payment before we go to mass production

Visitor: okay and i assume that’s through a credit card?

Customer service: credit card or paypal

Visitor: do you accept checks?

Customer service: we could take a check

Customer service: but we would have to receive the check before we go to the mass production

Visitor: do you take PO?

Customer service: yes we accept POs from schools

Customer service: is this for a school

Visitor: yes

Customer service: if we get a PO from a School then it's different

Customer service: you can pay later

Visitor: okay

Customer service: after you receive the socks

Customer service: you still have to do the 75 deposit tho

Customer service: as soon as we get the deposit and your ideas then we will send the info to the design team

Visitor: oh wow that awesome

Visitor: I still need more market research time and present this information to my fellow consultants

Customer service: ok

Visitor: oh one more question, do you offer any discounts?

Customer service: our socks are at the lowest price

Customer service: the only way for discounts is if more socks ordered

Customer service:our socks are the best fabrics on the market

Visitor: gotcha!, i needed to ask. Thanks

Customer service: my pleasure, you have a great day!


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