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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Overland Park, Kansas, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: What is approx unit cost for custom logo running socks for 700 pair?

Visitor: Need them for a 5K race.

Visitor: for school fundraiser

Customer service: please send us a quote request, you can find the form here

Customer service: our socks are made with coolmax and lycra

Visitor: i need good socks

Visitor: but economical

Customer service: our socks are great socks

Visitor: is the design included on the price per pair ?

Customer service: yes

Customer service: knit logo

Visitor: neat!

Customer service: we do many fundraisers

Visitor: we have done the t-shirt thing for years and are considering socks

Customer service: socks are a hot thing now

Customer service: everyone has many t shirts

Visitor: yes i got a nice giveaway pair of socks at an event and really liked them

Customer service: you will be very impressed with our socks

Visitor: i am race director and want to present idea to our team

Customer service: ok

Visitor: is it print on just one side of each sock?

Customer service: you would send me the logo and what you had in mind

Customer service: you can upload your artwork by using the request form you can find here

Customer service: our design team would work on mock ups

Visitor: ok still working on that

Visitor: for next year

Customer service: you can have as much print as you want

Visitor: any guidelines would be helpful too

Visitor: small print area obviously

Customer service: you will want low cut socks for running

Customer service: you can check out our catalog for some different socks we have done for events

Customer service: it’ll  give you an idea of what we can make for you

Visitor: yes low cut sock, but enough area to see logo

Visitor:ok, that’s all the information i need for now

Visitor: thanks for your help

Customer service: you're welcome, come back here if you have any questions.


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