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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: i'm looking for custom knee high socks

Customer service: Yes we can help you

Customer service: our minimum is 60 pairs

Customer service: our socks are made with high quality Coolmax and lycra from Dupont

Visitor: right now that minimum is higher than we intended for our first order. We have a very tight deadline, and this would be our first introduction of the sock and don't know how they will go over.

Customer service: The quality of the fabric and sock technology can't be compared with our competitors. They use either cotton or acrylic and elastic

Customer service: lead time is 4 weeks unless you pay a rush fee

Visitor: I am familiar with textiles and can tell that your materials, and construction are top quality.

Customer service: thanks

Visitor: I would be interested in learning more about your product so that when we have more lead time, and can educate our customer on the quality and performance worth the price.

Customer service: I can send you some technical information if you would give me your email

Customer service: you can also get more information regarding our fabrics here

Visitor: curious what a ballpark of price is for knee high

Customer service: $9.99 per pair for 60 pair

Visitor: thank you

Visitor: we are focusing on cycling apparel, so the crew cycling sock is also of interest, the knee-high is for the mountain trail riders

Customer service: we can do those for $5.99 up to 5 inch cuff.

Visitor: perfect!, i’ll discuss this with my partner and I’ll get back to you

Customer service: you're welcome, come back here if you have any questions.


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