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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Eatontown, New Jersey, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: Hi sure . this is a neat web site .. I'm actually looking for custom dress socks ..

Customer service:good morning, well we can do all kinds of socks. Dress socks are part of them. What do you have in mind specifically?

Visitor: well it's for a client .. I'm researching he wants dress socks that are custom with stripes

Visitor: so crew is the highest - not sure if that would work but is there a dress fabric?

Customer service: any design can be done, we can use wool or bamboo fibers for dress socks. minimum 120 pairs though

Customer service: bamboo would be my choice. it is a natural fabric

Visitor: not sure that is an issue. do you mean 120 of the same design?

Customer service: yes

Visitor: okay so this is a do it yourself site ??

Customer service: no we do all the design for you at no charge you simply tell us what you want and we design mock ups until you approve one.

Visitor: cool let me send him the info

Customer service: please send us a mokup request, you can find the form here

Visitor: okay great

Visitor: thanks for the chat

Customer service: my pleasure

Visitor: how can i get a copy of the chat .. I can't seem to copy and paste

Customer service: please provide your email and i will send it to you

Visitor: ok well i'm done now thanks again

Customer service: you're welcome, come back here if you have any questions.


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