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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Orange, California, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: I would like a quote on a large quantity of custom socks - can I design my own?

Customer service: 20:22:46: sure

Customer service: please send us a quote request, you can find the form here

Customer service: how many do you need

Visitor: At least 1,000

Customer service: i will send you a template

Customer service: is this for an event?

Visitor: Yes

Customer service: ok

Visitor:  I represent a private high school. These socks will be used as giveaways at a high school event. I would just like them to have our logo on the side, with a red heel and a red toe.

Customer service: perfect

Customer service: we can do that

Customer service: the socks will be coolmax an lycra materials

Customer service: not cheap cotton

Visitor: I'm not a sock expert, but I think the length we'd like is "crew"

Customer service: i will send you some different versions

Customer service: when do you need these?

Visitor: Sounds great.

Visitor: The event is not until October...I'm just doing a little research ahead of time since i will be going on maternity leave in August/September.

Customer service: it will take around 4-5 weeks

Visitor: OK

Customer service:we have a mock up stage, then the sample stage, and then the mass production stage

Visitor: I don't know if we can afford $5 per sock, but I am interested in seeing what these would look like

Customer service: they’ll look awesome

Customer service: what is your price range

Visitor: We weren't hoping to spend more than $3000

Customer service: these are a knit design and coolmax material

Visitor:I'm sure they are's just a matter of what we can spend budget-wise

Customer service: you would have to go with a cotton sock probably not knit design

Visitor: Do you do cotton socks?

Customer service: we don’t

Customer service: we only do higher end socks

Customer service: these socks retail for 12-15 dollars a pair in the store

Visitor: At the event we'll have 1000 prospective students on our campus, and we'd like to give these to them rather than charge them

Visitor: Well, why don't you send me the email with a design template and we can go from there.

Customer service: i will

Customer service: we will try to work with you

Visitor: Thank you so much

Visitor: And thanks for your help

Customer service: no problem

Customer service: looking forward to working with you on this project


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