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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: I was looking for an US socks manufacturer

Customer service: what are you looking for?

Customer service: our socks get manufactured in colorado

Visitor: tennis socks for my small company. it's more like a store.

Customer service: sure we can help you

Customer service: how many pair?

Visitor: it depends on prices.

Visitor: I need really high quality socks.

Customer service: 120 is our minimum

Customer service: these socks are the highest quality on the market

Visitor: similar to nike elite socks.

Customer service: coolmax and lycra fabrics

Visitor: toe and heel have to be very thick.

Visitor: like wearing two socks.

Customer service: ok

Customer service: if you have an image

Customer service: send it to me

Customer service:

Visitor: so many tennis players suffer from foot injury so they like to wear two socks

Visitor: I will send it within a min.

Customer service: we have many athletes using our socks because of the comfort and breathability

Customer service: let me know what you had in mind on quantities

Customer service: I will give you a quote

Visitor: I thought about ordering socks from my Chinese apparels manufactures but prefer to make socks in US but the problem is price at this point.

Customer service: just let me know how many

Customer service: i will give you a good price

Visitor: it depends on the price and $1000 is my budget.

Visitor: it's my market testing.

Customer service: the price on the sock design that you sent would be $5.99 a pair

Visitor: if I am successful with the market testing, my order will be larger.

Visitor: what about packaging?

Customer service: we have a contact that you can get packaging done for you

Visitor: need individual packing

Customer service:or you can go with our packaging with your socks

Visitor:so packaging is not included.

Visitor: also is it possible to price down to $4.50?

Customer service: it would be tough

Visitor: my price target is $7 for customers. $5.27 is very stiff profit for me...

Customer service: These socks retail for 10-15

Customer service: in stores

Customer service: we sell them at Expos for 10 dollars

Visitor: Since it's a marketing test, I am willing to make less profit but less than $1.80 is little less.

Visitor: I understand. I should sell it for $10-15.

Customer service: maybe we go with the test

Customer service: in our packaging and your sock

Visitor: but I trying to establish my brand with low prices with good quality in the beginning.

Visitor: i'm on your website

Visitor: there will be no hidden charge?

Customer service: no hidden charges

Visitor: i also have a question regarding size?

Customer service: yes

Visitor: do you offer extra small ?

Customer service: yes we do xs as well

Visitor: do I have to order just one size for 250 socks?

Customer service: no, you can mix sizes within the minimum

Visitor: I only need men's size (shoes 7.5-13).

Customer service: no problem

Visitor: last question.

Customer service: sure

Visitor: what is normal crew socks length?

Customer service: 5 inch

Customer service: is normal crew

Visitor: ok.

Visitor: bye, thanks

Customer service: you’re welcome!


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