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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Vero Beach, Florida, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: HI. I'm looking for the best option for a standardized women sock, what size would you recommend?

Visitor: Basically I'm creating a kit and I need a one size fits all sock. Also, what is the best priced pair, looking for the cheapest model. What's the price break for 1000 pairs?

Visitor: I also need socks that will keep feet warm. I'm looking for something fuzzy, fury and feminine - do you supply that?

Customer service: sure

Customer service: coolmax an lycra sock

Customer service: please send us a quote request, you can find the form here

Customer service: the price we give you includes, design and colors

Visitor:  any set up fees?

Customer service: no setup fee

Customer service: the only other cost is shipping, it’s around $22.49 for 120 pair

Customer service: to keep the cost down you are better to with a coolmax sock

Visitor: what's the time frame to manufacturer?

Customer service: 4-5 weeks

Customer service: once we start the mock up process

Customer service: perfect

Visitor: where are you located?

Customer service: we are in PA, the socks ship from Colorado

Visitor: are they US made?

Customer service: Yes

Visitor: great

Visitor: do you have samples I can review?

Customer service: You can take a look at our portfolio for socks we created here:

Customer service: I’ll do that

Visitor: what would you recommend as a std size for women?

Customer service: 14:02:13: i sent you a size chart

Customer service: 14:02:18: based on foot size

Customer service: 14:02:25: i would go with medium

Visitor: 14:04:03: ok, thx

Visitor: 14:06:58: Thanks for your help, we'll be in touch

Customer service: my pleasure, you have a great day!


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