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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: Sure. I am interested in designing socks for my company to offer for sale as well as promotional goods.

Customer service: how many are you looking at?

Visitor: Well, I am interested in 200 pairs or more initially. Crew socks for sure

Customer service: good

Customer service: we can work with you to make sure you get the right sock

Customer service: is there an email address i can send you info?

Visitor: great thank you.

Customer service: if you have any questions please let me know

Visitor: I have a simple logo and then the text on the socks is TBD

Customer service: ok

Visitor: Is there a maximum text that is advisable before the text is too small and not very legible?

Customer service: not really

Customer service: i will have it in your mailbox in a few minutes.

Visitor: I was thinking perhaps my logo on one side of the calf while the text on the other side

Visitor: or one or the other type thing

Customer service: that would nice

Visitor: I would only want black and white, maybe a bright ass green if you have it

Customer service: we can do it

Customer service: i will send you a design template

Visitor: fantastic.

Customer service: that will give us a better idea of exactly what you want

Customer service: we will work with you

Customer service: until we get it exactly correct

Visitor: how pairs of socks do most people order where the pricing starts to get cheap?

Visitor: I know very well with my business, the more I buy the cheaper it gets, however there is a price floor with anything you buy

Customer service: minimun is 120 pair

Customer service: but it starts getting cheaper around 500 pair

Visitor: i’m not worried about the minimum

Visitor: thank you, that's pretty standard

Customer service:  yes

Visitor: And when these socks are priced, they are priced per pair as one unit? just want to make sure

Customer service: yes

Visitor: thus 120 units is in theory 240 socks

Visitor: great.

Customer service: yes

Visitor: does color affect price?

Customer service: no

Customer service: you have to order all the same sock at 120 minimum

Visitor: that's fine, i'm used to that as well.

Visitor: i guess where I am lost is the fabric types

Visitor: everything else is simple

Customer service: the fabric is awesome

Customer service: you can get more information regarding our fabrics here

Customer service: our socks are the best on the market

Visitor: from the description I am sold, I just don't know which one is which... pictures of each sock would help me - I know what I am looking for without having to touch them in person

Customer service: we can send you a sample socks for you to check the quality of our fabric

Customer service: just fill out the sample request form here

Customer service: so if you have any questions please let me know

Customer service: we will do as many mock ups until you are happy

Visitor: i will...i am going to dive through that info now... bear with me for a minute or two

Visitor: so the color on the toe and heel to match the logo color - is that extra or the same price as if it were just a solid color sock with a different colored logo?

Customer service: same price

Visitor: as far as sizes go - would I need to order 120 of one size or can you mix up the sizes in the same lot of 120?

Customer service: you can mix sizes within the 120 minimum

Visitor: wow, thats great.

Customer service: we do offer x small that not on the chart

Customer service: 1-3.5

Customer service: xsmall

Visitor: what is your lead time

Customer service: 4-5 weeks

Visitor: great. what's the price for 200 vs. 500 and what is the process to place an order... do you go through the hassle of samples?? where are you located btw?

Customer service: the socks ship from colorado

Customer service: we would first do a mock up

Customer service: for you

Visitor: cool. that's close. I'm in Vegas

Customer service: then we would do a sample of the approved mock up

Visitor: i like that method

Visitor: what fabric is most in demand from people who have made multiple orders with you folks?

Customer service: we don't get as many orders for wool

Customer service: coolmax is our most popular fabric

Customer service:  wool is a bit higher in price

Visitor: i like the stretch recovery idea. core-spun coolmax encases a lycra

Visitor: I don't suppose you have a live picture of a sock in that material you can send me? I am curious about the sheen to the fabric and what it looks like - shiny or dull

Customer service: the coolmax fabric is top notch

Visitor: i like what i've read about it, it seems like my style

Customer service: i'm looking forward to working with you on your design

Visitor: as far as payment - do you accept american express?

Customer service: yes we accept American Express

Visitor: ok.

Visitor: thanks for all your help today.

Customer service: you’re welcome.  Have a great day!!!


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