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Questions and answers from our clients

Visitor from Notre Dame, Indiana. United States

Customer service: Hello, thank you for visiting Can I help you in any way?

Visitor: Possibly!

Customer Service: Go gon

Visitor: We are looking to add some socks to our clothing line and this is actually the first time i've looked around at how to do this exactly

Customer service: our minimums are 120 pair for low to mid calf and 60 pair for knee high socks.

Customer service: They are really high quality socks made in the US

Customer service: Comparable to Nike Elite Socks but customisable

Customer service: The design, it up to you! You send us logo, artwork, slogan and colors and we design them for you

Visitor: it's a 120 pair minimum correct?

Customer service: Indeed

Visitor: Alright cool. We are looking for something different than the typical pair of socks you buy at walmart that are typically cotton and thick. I know you have a few types what do you have that is a thinner sock and would be a comfortable fit

Visitor: We are here in texas so there is really no need for thick socks haha

Customer service: our Coolmax fabric is perfect for that

Customer service: and that's what we use

Customer service: Much much higher quality than anything at walmart :)

Visitor: is there a difference in price for the different type of socks you have?

Customer service: Yes, in term of fabric we have

Customer service: coolmax = bamboo < Eco Solemax < Merino Wool

Customer service: check out of different fabrics here

Visitor: alright. is there anyway to get a few different types of socks y'all have so we can choose which we like and what we're looking for?

Customer service: Sure, we could send you some sample.

Visitor: sounds good a sample is just one sock correct?

Customer service: correct

Customer service: you can request a sample here

Visitor: Oh ok. Where are yall out of?

Customer service: The socks are made in Colorado

Visitor: Ok great. I will look around and make a decision. How should i get ahold of you when we're ready to have some samples sent?

Customer service: you can send us an email to or come chat with us again.

Visitor: Got you saved. Thanks a lot Customer Service. Oh also I have an REI right by me do y'all make any of the socks that would be in there I could also just go run by to look at

Customer service: No worries, no idea what’s an REI

Visitor: REI is a big outdoor sporting store. more of like hiking climbing kayaking bicycles type of store

Customer service: Oh, well ask them if they have any socks in the fabric ive listed. That would give you a pretty good idea

Visitor: Sorry i'm trying not to take up too much of your time just have a lot of questions!

Customer service: No worries :)

Visitor: ok sounds great

Visitor: Yall don't make the socks, right?,  do you you just buy and customize them?

Customer service: No, we make them. They are knitted, so even your logo, artwork is knitted in the socks

Customer service: that's why they are so great

Visitor: Oh. Ok. Well i had a friend that had a question that i was trying to look into while i was on here. Is there a sock or is there a way to make a sock that doesn't have a seem at the toes?

Visitor: That is my final question for you haha

Customer service: hum, I don't think so. Not in the traditional way of making them

Customer service: you need to close the tube somehow!

Visitor: Very true and i wasn't aware that they were all made as tubes till earlier. I wasn't sure if there was a way to make a flat material folded over that the seam were actually on just one side of the sock instead of a tube where it had to be sewn at the end.

Customer service: Not that I know of!

Visitor: Alright Customer Service I will give you a shout I'm going to go scout some socks thanks a lot for your help!


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